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“Buteo Buteo”

The common Buzzard is often seen soaring high above a field with the familiar v shaped wing.

It is dark brown above and pale underneath.

The tail is lightly barred. 

It calls with a loud drawn out mewing call.

They feed on small mammals.

Voles, rabbits, birds, reptiles, 

amphibians, insects and worms.

They nest in trees and is made from twigs lined with moss and bracken. The male and female take turns in incubating the eggs.

They are 40 to 58cm in length.

They have a wingspan of between 113 and 128cm.

They weigh in at 550 to 1000g for a male

700 to 1300g for a female

Due to myxomatosis among rabbits and unlawful persecution their numbers decreased. Some are still being poisoned now. Their numbers are on the increase.