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Common Loon


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Common Loon

“Gavia Immer”

Also known as the great northern diver this large member of the loon family feeds mostly on fish and will eat crayfish, shrimps and insects. They have rounded heads and dagger like bills and blood red eyes.

They have an eerie haunting call.

Their legs are set back at the rear of their bodies and that is what makes them powerful swimmers.. The are clumsy when walking because of the leg position.

They are the largest of the loon family 

 They are 70 to 90cm in length.

 They have a wingspan of 152cm.

 They weigh in  between 1.6 to 8kg.

They have a black and white checkered back and look like they are wearing a white “necklace”

They are solitary birds and are often seen on their own.

When preparing for flight they run over the surface 

of the water for about 90 feet 

in order to gain enough speed to take off