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Common Tern


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Common Tern

“Sterna Hirundo”

This beautiful silvery/grey seabird with red bill and legs feeds by diving into the sea to catch its prey.

Very similar to the Arctic Roseate and Sandwich Tern this is our most common. 

They nest on the ground near water and very often on a man made “raft”


They lay up to 3 eggs that are incubated by both parents and eggs hatch in approximately 22 days.They fledge after 25 days.

Due to ground nesting they are prone to predation by 

rats birds owls and herons.

They are 32cm in length with a wingspan of 77 to 98cm and weigh in at between 90 and 150g.

12,000 pairs breed in the uk 

They are on the Amber list.