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“Cinclus Cinclus”

This short tailed plump little bird 

gets its name from its habit of 

“dipping” or “bobbing”

up and down when stood on a rock waiting to 

plunge into the cold water for its food.

It walks into and under the water looking for shrimps and insect larvae.They will eat small fish too.

They eat under water and use their wings to hold their position in fast flowing rivers.

Over three quarters of their day is devoted to feeding.

They pair up each season usually with the same partner and nest in  a stream side cave or natural crevice.

The sites chosen ensure it is difficult for predators to access the nest. The female incubates for 16 days and brooded for 12 days. Both parents feed the young.they fledge at 20 to 24 days and are fully independent after 11 to 18 days.

They start a second clutch 10 days after they leave.

They are between 16 and 19cm in length

They have a wingspan of 20 to 30cm

They weigh in at between 55 and 75g