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Great Grey Owl


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Great Grey Owl

“Strix Nebulosa”

The Great Grey Owl is the largest owl measured by length. They have a large rounded head with a grey face and yellow eyes with dark circles. They have the largest facial disc of any raptor .

They vary in length from between 61 to 84cm 

They have a wingspan in excess of 152cm.

They weigh in at between 580g to 1,900g

They don’t build nests but will use nests built by other raptors and will also use man made platforms and cavities in large trees. They lay 4 eggs incubated for 30 days. The male does the hunting for food for his family.

They hunt from a low post and listen and watch carefully before swooping down. Their hearing is excellent and can locate prey two feet under snow!.

They eat mainly small rodents 

You will often see the Eurasian Great Grey Owl in zoos.