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Great Horned Owl


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Great Horned Owl

“Bubo Virginianus”

The Great Horned Owl is native to America but often trained for falconry but are not easy to keep due to their aggressive behaviour.  It is coloured for camouflage  and have a facial disc with “horns” of feathers.

It is one of the heaviest owls with a barrel shaped body and a large head and broad wings.

They are between 43 to 64cm in length

 They have a wingspan of 91 to 153cm

 They weigh in at between 1220 and 1610g.

The legs and talons are very powerful and can apply 

300lb of crushing power.

They have large eyes for an owl and have to turn their whole head not their eyes and can rotate their neck 

to 270 degrees. The eyes are yellow and binocular