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Green Woodpecker


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Green Woodpecker

“Picus viridis”

The Green Woodpecker is our largest of our 3 woodpeckers and has a short tail and a long beak. It is green one its upper parts and paler on the belly with a bright yellow rump and red on top of its head.

Their flight is undulating.

They love Ants

They use their strong beak and sticky tongue to extract their victims.They spend a lot of their time on the ground.

They can be seen all year round.

They measure 30 to 34cm in length.

 They have a wingspan of 40 to 42cm. 

They weigh in at 180 to 220g.

The female lays 4 to 6 eggs and they will hatch after 20 days. The nest is usually in a hole in a tree.