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“Chloris Chloris”

This regular garden visitor loves black sunflower seeds and are often seen at bird feeders.The was a decline in the population in the 70s and 80s and they saw a dramatic increase in the 90s only to decline once more due to an outbreak of trichomonosis that prevents the birds feeding.

They are 15cm in length.

 They have a 26cm wingspan. 

They weigh in at just 28g. 

There are now 1,700,000 pairs in the uk.

Greenfinches form flocks and they nest in trees and bushes.

They produce between 4 and 6 eggs and the chicks fledge 18 days after hatching.

Greenfinches are becoming rare now so it is so important to clean bird feeders and tables as the killer disease is easily spread from bird to bird.