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Grey Wagtail


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Grey Wagtail

“Motacilla Cinerea”

This member of the wagtail family is similar to the yellow wagtail but has yellow on its underside.It has slate grey upper parts and lemon yellow under its tail .

They are on the increase and there is estimated to be 38,000 breeding pairs in the uk.

They are 18cm in length

 They have a wingspan of 26cm 

They weigh in at between 15 and 23g.

They are widespread in the uk except for 

north and west Scotland.

They eat midges so why are they not in Scotland?!!

They also eat ants and snails and tadpoles.

They nest in hollows and crevices near water.

The breeding season is between April and July and they lay between 3 and 6 speckled eggs.