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Little Egret


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Little Egret

“Egretta Garzetta”

The little egret is a species of small heron.

Have you ever heard an Egret?

No neither have I.

They are mostly silent except for the odd “croak”

This attractive bird has white feathers with a white plume on its crest, back and chest. It has black legs and yellow feet. First seen in the uk in 1989 and bred in Dorset in 1996.There are now around 659 to 750 breeding pairs in the uk and over 4,500 birds spend the winter here.

 This aquatic bird feeds in shallow water and eats mainly  eat fish. 

They are around 55 to 65cm in length

 They have a wingspan of 88 to 95cm 

They weigh in at between 350 and 550g.