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Marsh Harrier


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Marsh Harrier

“Circus Aeruginosus”

This is the largest of the harriers recognised by its long tail and wings held in a shallow “V” shape.

It is larger, heavier, and has no white on the rump.

It has a creamy coloured head and black, brown, grey, white, and cream feathers.

It eats small birds and mammals.

It measures between 48 and 57cm in length

 It has a wingspan of around 115 to 130cm 

They weigh in at between 400 to 660g for a male 

and 540 to 800g for the female.

There are over 400 breeding pairs in the uk with

 Arundel being one of the top spots to see these

 beautiful birds coming in to roost. 

Up to 10 circle in the sky before settling down for the night. 

An amazing sight!

The photo below is a Marsh Harrier checking out a 

Red Kite!