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Meadow Pipit


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Meadow Pipit

“Anthus Pratensis”

The meadow pipit is a small passerine of the 

pipits and wagtail family. 

It is a small brown bird with white outer tail feathers.

It is on the amber list since the decline in numbers since the 70s. They eat insects, flies, beetles, moths, spiders

They are 15cm in length

 They have a 22 to 25cm wingspan 

They weigh in at 15 to 22g

They are an unfortunate victim of the weird parenting behaviour of the Cuckoo.

They place their eggs in a meadow pipits nest so they can look after the “parasitic chick” and raise it as their own!

The baby cuckoo pushes its “siblings” out of the nest so it can have all the food.

The meadow pipit can be seen all year round.

It is known for its “parachute” display flight.

They nest on the ground.