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“Phasianus Colchicus”

The Pheasant is a rather large gamebird with the male in particular displaying a stunning plumage. Golden brown, black, red, green, and a rich chestnut.

They eat seeds, berries,  grain, and insects, and are often seen foraging in fields. They have a distinctive sharp cry when disturbed and you most often 

hear it before you see it.

They are an introduced species and can be seen all year round. They live for 1 to 2 years.


They are 52 to 90cm in length

 They have a wingspan of 70 to 90cm

 They weigh in at between 750g to 1700g.

They also have a long tail.

The female is responsible for looking after the young.

She lays eggs in a shallow depression in the ground.

The smooth non glossy eggs measure 45 x 36cm.

She will lay between 7 and 15 eggs around March.

They are protected by the Game Acts and can be shot only between September to February.