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“Fratercula Arctica”

He Puffin of the Auk family is a cute little bird and unmistakable with their black back and white belly but its the beak that draws our attention.The bill is triangular and brightly coloured giving this unique bird a comical look. It has red and black eye markings and orange legs.

They eat fish but especially sand eels and will often be seen with several in their beak at one time.

It is a Red Listed species.

They are between 26 and 29cm in length

 They have a wingspan of 46 to 63cm 

They weigh in at between 320 to 480g.

Best places to see these birds are 

Bempton Cliffs  

 South Stack

 The Farne Islands 

The Isle of May

 Shetland Islands

 Orkney Islands.

Outer Hebredes