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Red Kite


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Red Kite

“Milvus Milvus”

The Red Kite is a magnificent bird of prey with its distinctive red brown body and forked tail.

Saved from extinction it has made a remarkable recovery.

They are listed under schedule 1 of the wildlife and conservation act.

They eat carrion and worms and small mammals.

They are 60 to 66 cm in length

 They have a wingspan of between 175 and 179cm 

 They weigh in at 800 to 1,300g.

There are 1,600 breeding pairs in the uk.

Gigrin farm in Wales is the place to go.

See the video above to see the birds circling for food.

An amazing sight!

In 1930 only two breeding pairs were recorded in the uk both in Wales. Now there are between 750 and 900 pairs in Wales.

On the M40 they are as common as seagulls.

They will scavenge for road kill.