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Rock Pipit


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Rock Pipit

“Anthus Petrosus”

The Rock Pipit is a member of the Pipit and Wagtail family. It’s a large stocky bird with olive brown above and white below with dark streaks.

It feeds on Insects, small fish, beetles, shellfish and seeds.

They can be seen all year round.

They are 16.5cm in length

They have a wingspan of 23 to 28cm

They weigh in at between 20 and 30g.

There are around 34,000 breeding pairs in the uk.

They build their nests in rocks and crevices made from grass, leaves, and seaweed and lined with hair or feathers.

They lay 4 or 5 grey eggs with brown spots.

These are incubated by the female for 14 days.

Both parents take responsibility for rearing the young.