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Sedge Warbler


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Sedge Warbler

“Acrocephalus Shoenobaenus”

The Sedge Warbler is a small summer visitor to the uk and is often heard but not seen.

Sit quietly by reedbeds and wetlands and your patience will be rewarded with a sighting of this lovely little bird. It is brown above and cream below and has a striking cream stripe above its eye.

They eat berries and insects.

They measure 13cm in length.

They have a wingspan of 17 to 21cm

They weigh in at between 10 and 13g

They can be seen between April to October

They live for 2 years

The males  change their song to impress the females

This sandy brown medium sized warbler travels back to Africa resulting in a journey if 1800 miles and most of them do this in one go.

Quite remarkable for a bird weighing just 13g!