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Short Eared Owl


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Short Eared Owl

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Short Eared Owl

“Asio Flammeus”

The Short Eared Owl or “shortie” is most unusual as it prefers to hunt for food during the daytime unlike the Barn Owl a night hunter.

They have tufts of feathers resembling ears and they are not always visible.

It is found in grassland and open country.

It is a medium sized owl 

It measures 35 to 44cm in length 

It has a wingspan of between 85 and 110cm

It weighs in at 205 to 475g.


It has large yellow/orange eyes with black rings around each eye and a short neck. Its wingspan is between 85cm to 110cm and females are slightly larger than males.

They nest in the ground  and lay between 4 to 7 white eggs. The female incubates the eggs for  21 to 37 days.

The shortie is diurnal (daytime hunter) and crepuscular (twilight hunter).

Its prey consists of primarily voles but will eat other mammals such as mice, shrews, rats, bats, and moles, They will take skylarks and pipits too.