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Snowy Owl


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Snowy Owl

“Bubo Scandiacus”

The beautiful Snowy Owl or Arctic Owl is often seen in the uk in birds of prey centres.

Or in a Harry Potter movie!

 These stunningly beautiful birds are from the 

Arctic regions of 

North America and Canada

They are big powerful birds.

They are between 52 and 70cm in length

They have a wingspan of 125 to 145cm

They weigh in at 1600 to 2950g.

Males are almost pure white whereas females show varying amounts of black or brown markings.

<ales become whiter the older they get.

They have yellow eyes and a black beak.

They live for up to 10 years in the wild.

It has heavily feathered taloned feet that make it look like it’s wearing a pair of fluffy slippers.