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“Sturnus Vulgaris”

The Starling slightly smaller than a blackbird  has a short tail and glossy purple/green glossy feathers.

They appear black from a distance but once the sun hits them the colours are beautiful.

They are noisy birds.

They feed on fruit and invertebrates.

They are 21cm in length 

They have a wingspan of 37 to 42cm 

They weighs in at between 75 and 90g.

We are all familiar with a “murmuration of starlings”

They perform aerobatic displays before dropping in to roost.It is a spectacular sight and as more and more birds join in a huge pulsating flock is formed.

It is estimated that there are up to 

100,000 starlings in a murmuration.

They say there is safety in numbers but these murmurations

 attract sparrowhawks and peregrine falcons

 These “murmurations can be seen at 

Brighton Pier

Leighton Moss

Ham Wall 


and many more