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“Certhia Familiaris”

The Treecreeper is a small fast moving tree dwelling bird.

It has a rather long bill, slender with a down curve.

It is a speckled brown on top and white underneath.

They eat insects, seeds, spiders.

They are 12.5cm in length

 They have an 18 to 21cm wingspan

 They weigh in at between 8 and 12g.

They are the size of a wren but look much larger due to the long bill and tail.

Once a treecreeper establishes its territory it rarely leaves it.

They stay within 500m.

They blend in so well with the bark of the tree so its not surprising that they are rarely seen.

It climbs up the tree but can’t go down head first like the nuthatch as its tail gets in the way.

If it is disturbed it will freeze and look just like the bark of a tree. It builds its nest behind a flap of loose bark.

It is lined with hair, wool and feathers ready for the 5 or 6 eggs and they feed the young on caterpillars.