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“Troglodytes Troglodytes”

Have you ever wondered why a male wren is always rushing around with nesting materials?

Well in order to impress his mate he builds several nests and she chooses which one she wants.

Lucky Jenny!

(Also known as “Jenny Wren”)

This tiny bird is only 10cm in length 

It has a wingspan of 13 to 17cm 

It weighs in at just 7 to 12g!

It is a tiny brown bird with a loud voice and upturned tail.

It is the most common breeding bird in the uk.

It eats insects and spiders.

This bird featured on our farthing coin and featured on a first class stamp in the Royal Mail “Songbirds”series.

It came fourth in the 2016 public vote for the choice of national bird behind the robin, kingfisher, and barn owl.

There are estimated to be between

 7 to 8.5 million breeding pairs in the uk.